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San Miguel Pale Pilsen

5% alc./vol., 330 ml canSan Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Ltd. – Kong I seem to recall drinking a San Miguel beer when I was in Barcelona, Spain.  Here’s the complicated beerography.  The original San Miguel brewery started production of … Continue reading

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Lech Pils

5.5% alc./vol., 500 ml bottleLech Browary Wielkopolski –ń, Poland As the legend goes, there were three brothers:  Lech, Čech, and Rus.  The three brothers went hunting, and each ended up following different prey.  Lech went northwest, Čech went southwest, … Continue reading

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Old Credit Pale Pilsner

5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottleOld Credit Brewing Co. Ltd. – Credit, Ontario, Canada This unusual Pilsner is slightly opaque with a very distinct taupe colour, like pantyhose in a glass perhaps.  It shares a lot of flavour characteristics with … Continue reading

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