About Friday Beer

Friday Beer has been going since the mid-90’s as a weekly after-work event in Ottawa, Canada.  Friends meet friends and have a beer after work.  Since 1999, we’ve been out to a different bar each week, although there are a few pubs of choice now.  All are welcome.

Since there’s a different spot each week, I announce this week’s meeting place a few days before via e-mail.  If you didn’t get the e-mail, it doesn’t mean there is no Friday Beer…it happens once a week and you’re welcome to join us if you are in Ottawa on a Friday.  (Take note that Friday Beer might be on Thursday if Friday is a holiday.)

When I’m travelling, I always make sure to have a local beer at a local bar if it’s Friday.  The Ottawa event continues in my absence.

I realized that there are a lot of beers in the world, and I’ve decided to try them all if I can.  When I’m in a new place, I always get the one (or more) that I’ve never had.  If it’s in a bottle, I save the cap…my collection is at about 420 caps now.

So welcome to Friday Beer!  Read on about the many beers I’ll be drinking and the many bars I’ll be visiting.  Cheers!

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