Smoked Oatmeal Stout

5% alc./vol., 650 ml bottle
Trafalgar Ales and Meads –
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

DSCF1320It’s almost Christmas, and once again I’m considering converting to Orthodox Christianity so that I can celebrate that damn holiday on January 7th.  Why the difference?  The year is not 365.25 days long, it is actually 11 minutes shorter.  This means that your great-grandchildren have calendars and clocks that are a day fast.  Because Easter is timed with the Spring equinox, a celestial event, the Pope decided to fix the calendar in 1582.  To put the Spring equinox back on March 21, countries of the world had to skip ahead 10 days.  They all did this at different times, making for a bit of confusion.  However, if you thought the Pope was just some old guy in a dress, you kept your old calendar.  If you ever need to back up 13 days (the difference keeps growing), switch over to the old Julian calendar.  As for the beer, it’s only mildly smoky and a very drinkable stout.  Goes well with wrapping presents.

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