Corona Lager

4.6% alc./vol., 710 ml bottle
Cerveceria Modelo Sa De Cv –
Mexico City, Mexico

DSCF1319I have often said that a good beer doesn’t need fixing.  When a renowned chef brings you his finest dish, don’t ask for him to pass the ketchup.  Corona always comes served with lime, but in the interests of science, I had a few sips before giving the lime a bath.  By itself, Corona is pretty lifeless…kind of like a glass of soda water that spent some time near a glass of German lager.  Okay, time to drop in the lime.  Yes, the lime really wakes up the flavour, so it does make sense to drop it in there.  It’s not just for show.  I found the result refreshing, but not particularly like a beer at all.  It’s certainly a thousand times better than those pre-mixed “light lime” beers that are a crime against beermanity.  Do I keep limes in the house?  No.  I had to make a special trip to the grocery store to track down some limes, making this a most inconvenient experiment.  It also made the my glass cost 30 cents more than it should.  Next time, I think I’ll get something that was finished when it left the brewery.

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