Fuller’s Golden Pride Strong Ale

8.5% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C. – http://www.fullers.co.uk/
London, England

DSCF1312Here’s a pretty powerful Pride, like drinking two London Pride in one glass.  If you’re in a hurry, maybe that’s what you need.  Ah, but a stronger beer like this one is supposed to be sipped, I hear, and therefore it should take you twice as long.  In theory.  I have no problem with a strong beer when it’s done right.  I know in my head that this one is a good beer, but my heart is not in it.  They are recreating a strong abbey ale, but I don’t actually like strong abbey ales.  It’s all just a bit too malty for me.  I should like it more than I do, and they might have to revoke my critic’s licence for failing to recognize the greatness of this beer.  If I give an honest opinion, though, it means I must already have enough pride and this bottle of liquid pride is unnecessary.  I think what I really need is some shame or modesty, but neither of those is a great name for a beer.

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