Red Bull Strong Lager

7.1% alc./vol., 710 ml can
Red Bull Beer Company
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA


I couldn’t find a web site for this one…not a good sign.  The can credits the “Red Bull Beer Company”, but this is clearly a total piece of Schlitz.  If you value your life and your reason, keep away from this one.  Hey, how come you can buy two canned drinks named “Red Bull”?  The popular energy drink originated in Austria in 1987 as a European adaptation of a Thai energy drink.  The original Thai drink is called “Krating Daeng”, recognized by the same two red beasts (Indian bison) butting heads that appears on Red Bull.  Meanwhile, another silver can in the U.S. already featured a red bull, but the two canned drinks seem to happily coexist.  One is a terrible beer, and the other one is a terrible energy drink.  I prefer getting my caffeine from a good cup of coffee, which has about the same amount of caffeine as an energy drink.  As for my alcohol, I’d rather get it from an actual beer than from a medical sample.

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