Winter Ale

6.2% alc./vol., 750 ml bottle
Great Lakes Brewery –
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DSCF1292Thanks ever so much to my friends at Great Lakes.  Well, I don’t actually know them, but I’m sure we’d be friends if we ever met.  I’ve liked all their beers so far, and as I try to drink a different beer every day, they just keep kicking out limited edition special brews.  More good news…this one has 100 ml more than the last one.  Here we have a strong ale with (as advertised) you can taste honey, cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel.  The dominant flavour is raw cinnamon, think cinnamon sticks.  It’s a great choice for a winter beer.  It makes me want to sit in front of a roaring fire in a smoking jacket.  Do they still make those?  Besides a fashion match or an activity match, there’s surely a good food match in some sort of dessert, like pecan pie or carrot cake.  I have yet to go wrong with anything from Great Lakes, regardless of the season of their seasonal beer.

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