Faxe Royal Strong Lager

8% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Royal Unibrew A/S – http://www.faxe.com/
Faxe, Denmark

DSCF1290Here’s a strong version of the Faxe lager.  It fails the Bavarian Purity Law, of course.  A quick read of the ingredients list shows glucose syrup (some folks calls it corn syrup) and maize (some folks calls it corn).  You might think that this makes the beer as sweet and corny as a Muppet movie, but no.  The yeast does its work and turns the sugar into alcohol.  It’s not too sweet, and if all you want is a strong beer that tastes like a beer that is stronger, then pop one open.  Personally, I prefer something with a bit more character these days, but this was a not entirely unpleasant beer.  This particular can has a lot of Polish language on it, reminding me how strong beers are very popular in Poland where people like the idea of getting more alcohol for almost the same money.  (I’m not insulting the whole country, just teasing the people I know that live there, okay?)

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