Belhaven Best Ale

4.8% alc./vol., 440 ml can
Belhaven Brewery –
Dunbar, Scotland

DSCF1279There’s those “falling bubbles” that tell you the can has a widget.  The reason the bubbles appear to fall is that they are being pushed out of the way by even more bubbles that are rising in the middle of the glass where you can’t see them.   The bubbles are activated by the widget, a little ball that contains nitrogen gas.  When the can is sealed, increasing pressure in the can forces some beer into the widget through a tiny hole and pressurizes the nitrogen.  When you open the can, the pressurized nitrogen in the widget squirts out as gas and beer into the rest of your beer, thereby activating the bubbles.  This is the miracle of how a canned beer like this one can achieve the creamy texture and smooth, thick head normally only possible from a pub pour.  It’s a tasty one, reminds me of an Irish red, a style I use as comparison only because it’s more readily available here.  I’d drink it for the texture as much as the taste, though.

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