Bavaria 8.6 Original Strong Blond Lager

7.9% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Bavaria N.V. –
Lieshout, Holland

DSCF1278I guess all of their beers say 8.6 in big letters but 7.9 in small letters.  The name Bavaria refers to Germany’s largest state, down in the southwest corner next to the Czech Republic and Austria.  Bavaria is where the German Purity Law of beer comes from, as well as funny German lederhosen shorts and BMW cars (Bavaria is what the “B” stands for).  If you find yourself in Bavaria, hop in your car and take a 7-hour drive northwest across the rest of Germany and you’ll be in North Brabant where they make Bavaria beer.  North Brabant is a province in the south of The Netherlands, just south of the province of South Holland.  Lieshout, the small village where they make copious amounts of Bavaria beer, is not actually in Bavaria.  Lieshout is not in “Holland” either.  The side of the can says it is, and that’s why I thought it was.  Surely they know where they are?  Nope.  As for the beer, I didn’t like it much.

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