Father and Sons

112 Osgoode St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Time to first beer:  4:07

DSCF1254Here’s a new one for me.  It’s been up here right next to the University of Ottawa for over 40 years so I guess I always assumed it would be a student hangout with few taps and limited food choices.  Nope!  Father & Sons caters to the neighbourhood as much as the university, and it very much has the feel of a local pub to it.  There’s a pretty good row of beer taps and a menu with a lot of variety, leaning somewhat towards Italian flavours.  It’s a bit plain and sometimes worn out in the decor, but aren’t all local pubs supposed to be like that?


DSCF1256I was surprised that I hadn’t had a Caffrey’s Irish red yet in 2011, but availability all depends on which major distributor supplies the bar.  My pour didn’t quite have the thick, creamy, robust head of a fresh keg.  Free advice: order a popular beer and you’ll get a fresh beer.  In a small local place like this, order one of the standards.  Given the Italian flair of the menu, I ordered what was essentially veal parmigiana in sandwich form:  a breaded veal cutlet with tomato sauce and cheese.  It was exactly as described and a worthy choice.  The side it came with was a Caesar salad with far too much dressing, almost making me question whether to eat it with a spoon or a fork.  Oh crap, it’s 7:30 and the damn hockey game just came on!  Full volume too.  There goes all hope for intelligent conversation…time to go.

Next Week:  MacLaren’s

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