Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout

11.0% alc./vol., 650 ml bottle
Southern Tier Brewing Company –
Lakewood, New York, USA


Apart from the spelling, this beer has hit the mark.  It tastes like a beer…a stout, in fact…and it has serious flavours of bitter dark chocolate that cut the malty sweetness in the same way that hops do.  Somehow, they found a way to make the two flavours work together.  It has a long, complex finish that starts as a stout and ends in chocolate without being too much of the latter.  Looking at the spelling, though, I wondered about whether the beer contains chocolate or some sort of artificial chocolate substitute called “choklat”.  The ingredients list includes chocolate and spelled correctly.  Wait a minute, isn’t chocolate itself manufactured from other ingredients?  To be fair, I think they should list every ingredient including everything that’s in the chocolate.  Anyways, this beer says it contains a whopping 11.0% alcohol so my complaints about the ingredient list are fading.

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