Bavaria 8.6 Red Lager

7.9% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Bavaria N.V. –
Lieshout, Holland 


Yes, the brand says 8.6 but the alcohol content says 7.9%.  Since alcohol is lighter than water, you know that the alcohol weighs less than the entire beer, and the alcohol by weight would only be about 6%.  Neither is there 8.6 ml of alcohol nor 8.6 g of it.  You can also consider and reject measurements of the beer colour (degrees Lovibond) or sugar content (degrees Plato).  The best I can tell you is that they brew a special export version of their beer, and for whatever reason the export version has slightly less alcohol than the domestic one.  Utah only allows 4%…maybe some part of their export market allows a maximum of 8% alcohol, but my research capabilities and patience are wearing out.  As the second largest brewery in The Netherlands after Heineken, it is a popular brand.  Popular usually means bland, and the bland-loving masses will like this bland red lager.  By the way, Bavaria is about as far away from The Netherlands as you can get in Germany without actually leaving Germany.  This beer is pretty far away from an interesting beer, but it will have to do.

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