Celebrator Doppelbock Dunkles Bayriches Starkbier

6.9 alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
Brauerei Aying – http://www.ayinger.de/
Aying, Germany


People remember that Lent is a time of fasting and giving things up in preparation of Easter.  People forget that the same thing goes for Advent…you’re supposed to prepare for Christmas too, and not just by buying gifts and making your house look like a Vegas hotel.  Monks would brew a special bock beer for Christmas and Easter when fasting meant you had to drink your dinner.  Eventually, bock evolved to become a German winter beer.  Double bocks were invented by Paulaner Brewery in 1780, with even more malt energy and alcohol numbness to help you survive the cold winter months.  Their beer was called “Salvator”, Latin for “saviour”.  When they exercised their trademark rights, other breweries like this one chose bock beer names with similar themes and word endings, like “Celebrator”.  If you refer back to an earlier post, you know “ein Bock” is also goat…or here, two goats.  The original beer was from Einbeck, but someone thought it was funnier to associate this beer with a goat.  Celebrator is malty sweet and comforting and a bit too small…a kitten, perhaps?

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