AMB Noire (Black) Ale

5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Au Maître Brasseur (AMB) Inc. –
Laval, Québec, Canada

DSCF1230Every one of their beers is also self-described as “classique”, but I couldn’t bring myself to type that.  If you understand French and want to know more about AMB beer, you will find a “master’s lesson” on the side of each bottle, accompanied by tasting notes.  Today’s lesson number is “11”, as in 11% roasted grains used in the conception of “noire classique”.   The tasting notes in part translate as “she presents herself clad in a black dress and coiffed in a brown and persistent foam”.  Everyone looking at the photo to your right?  I see black, but I don’t see the promised brown and persistent topping.  They also mention notes of black coffee and chocolate.  I guess I can taste the coffee a bit.  What it really tastes like to me is like a stout, but different.  Obviously, without the creamy texture of a well-made stout, the beer may disappoint you.  The good news is that I’ve got some beer in me and that tempers the disappointment.

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