AMB India Pale Ale

5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Au Maître Brasseur (AMB) Inc. –
Laval, Québec, Canada

DSCF1229I had their American Pale Ale and now their India Pale Ale.  The former does taste American, but this doesn’t taste Indian.  Say, notice how it feels kind of racist to say “Indian” now?  I find myself saying “from India” for those from the subcontinent and at a loss as to how to describe Canada’s aboriginal population.  I have friends from various demographics that describe themselves in even more various terms, but I feel unable to use those terms myself since I don’t seem to belong to any specific demographic.  I am the indistinct middle against which everything else is defined.  Anyways, this style is not from India but for India, and AMB has hopped it up to preserve it for the perilous voyage.  Yeah, looks like AMB was able to make one of their beers a bit more interesting than the rest.  Yep, it’s actually an IPA as it says on the bottle.  Well done; if this were done in grade three art class I’d put it up on the fridge.

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