Sugar Shack Ale

5.5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Barley Days Brewery –
Picton, Ontario, Canada

DSCF1207One of my field agents lives in Belleville just a bit north of Picton, and saved my this seasonal from back in the spring of this year.  What could be more Canadian than a maple syrup beer?  I put on a plaid shirt and pulled this one out of the fridge.  Their syrup is local too, produced by Fosterholm Farms near the entrance to Sandbanks Provincial Park.  If you’re there in late March, enjoy the syrup fresh from the “sugar shack” (the farm’s outbuilding where maple sap is reduced to produce syrup).  If not, enjoy it in this beer.  Of course, it’s a seasonal and sold only and sold out at the brewery, so I guess you were there in March anyways.  It’s a bit sweet, as you might expect from a beer containing syrup.  Sweet is good, or are you getting too old to think so?  Maple syrup is the best syrup, but when I give it to someone from Europe they look at me with a puzzled stare and need an explanation as to why I’d want to put tree juice on a dessert.

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