Sierra 30th Anniversary Ale “Grand Cru”

9.2% alc./vol., 1 pt. 9.4 fl. oz. bottle (500 ml in the rest of the world)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. –
Chico, California, USA

DSCF1206I brought this one back home from San Francisco.  At almost $14, this is probably the most expensive beer I ever drank.  Thank goodness Canadian and American dollars are trading at par these days!  The brewer’s 30th anniversary was a year ago, but this cork-topped and extremely expensive brew was still available and still very drinkable.  Start with their Bigfoot Strong Ale and age it in bourbon casks.  Now add some Celebration Ale, their winter seasonal (with a real Merry Christmas! taste).  Finally, top it all off with their flagship pale ale.  This beer was packed with flavour and aroma!  High price, but lots of flavour and lots of alcohol and it becomes pretty cost effective.  Whoever said that all American beer sucked was over-generalizing based on the wide availability and inexplicable popularity of Coors Light or Budweiser.  As with most things American (cars, movies, beer, women, etc.), they have both the worst and the best available.  Of course, knowing a bit about French and a bit about wine, the appellation “grand cru” does come across as a bit silly.  Borrowing a term from the Occupy movement, let me say that this beer is part of the one percent.  (If this is six months from now, do you remember what the Occupy movement was?  No?)

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