Kirin Lager Beer

5% alc./vol., 350 ml can
Kirin Brewery Company Ltd. –
Tokyo, Japan


Mythology is full of half-and-half beasts.  Mermaids are great if you like boobies, but not so great between the sheets.  A centaur might be hung like a horse, but when you go out on the town, you have to drive while he rides in a trailer.  The beer’s web site says that a “kirin” is one-half dragon and one-half deer.  Of course, you assume that it’s a swift and silent forest creature that breathes fire, not just a salamander with antlers.  The one on the can looks like it has deer legs with a dragon’s head and body, but I don’t always rely on beer cans as a definitive research source (never figured out how to do the required footnote).  It’s a fine beer, a bit light in the flavour department, but I find that Japanese food also often has a delicate flavour like that.  I’d tell you more, but since this beer was actually purchased in Asia, it’s covered in Japanese characters.  Funny…I have no sudden urge to have these characters tattooed somewhere.  If you have a tattoo that looks like this, look closely…maybe you’re advertising this brand.

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