Broo Premium Lager

4.6% alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
Broo Pty Ltd. –
Sorrento, Australia

DSCF1194I’ve been to Sorrento, Italy.  It’s unusual not only that there’s also a Sorrento in Australia, but actually there are two of them, roughly located on the bottom two corners of the continent.  This is the one on the right.  If you’ve had only one Australian beer, it was a Foster’s Lager and it wasn’t very good.  Ah, but somehow drinking a less-than-ideal beer makes you a manly man, the same way that truck stop coffee makes you a manly man.  Well, this full flavoured beer is what a lager is supposed to taste like.  It’s great!  If you’re looking for something Australian, this is is very very Australian too.  Just look at the kangaroo on the label!  Further, the company constitution guarantees 100% Australian ownership forever.  In a topsy-turvy world where about four companies own most of the world’s beers (SABMiller is buying Foster’s as I type this), it’s refreshing to hear that there’s one beer out there that’s authentic, mate.  And speaking of refreshing…burp!

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