Worcester Sorcerer Ale

4.3% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Sadler’s Ales – http://www.sadlersales.co.uk/
Stourbridge, England

DSCF1193Worcester is about 35 km south of Stourbridge, but of course I had to look up online both towns and that distance to be able to say that.  Speaking of being able to say something, I can remember as a young boy helping to set the table, I learned from my mother how to pronounce “woo-stir-shure” sauce.  This sauce also comes from “woo-ster”.  I have no advice how to pronounce “sorcerer”…probably in the usual way.  The label also says “brewed in the black country”, so named from the area’s prevalence of black coal and possibly also the resulting black pollution.  It’s supposedly a bitter, but that’s a style name and not a taste.  It’s a malty brew, but not overly malty.  There’s nothing bitter about the sweet flavours of toffee, is there?  These flavours don’t overpower the brew, and it’s pretty good if you like your bitter not very bitter.  What does a typical English ale taste like?  Sort of like this, but also available with infinite variety in all directions.

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