Flying Monkeys Amber Ale

5% alc./vol., 355 ml bottle
Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery –
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

DSCF1190Steve saw this one and asked me where the name comes from.  Brewery founder Peter Chiodo once had a sign hanging on his back porch that read “Don’t make me get my flaying monkeys!”  This sign refers back to the Wizard of Oz and the Flying Monkeys that do the bidding of the Wicked Witch of the West.  Real Oz fans know that they are actually called the Winged Monkeys, commanded by the Witch because she has the golden cap.  What cap?  At 57 minutes into the 1939 film, the golden cap makes a brief and unexplained appearance.  Say, what about that beer?  Nope, not a fan.  What the label describes as “toasty malt sweetness” just comes across to me as kind of old and stale tasting, like wet wood, like the way beer tasted when I was 5 years old and didn’t like it.  This brewer is trying to be different, and if they managed to brew a beer I’m not all that fond of, then mission accomplished!

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