Pumpkin Ale

5.5% alc./vol., 650 ml can
Great Lakes Brewery – http://www.greatlakesbeer.com/
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DSCF0728My spice recipe for pumpkin pie from scratch is cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.  This also sounds like a line up of exotic dancers at your favourite nightclub, so it’s an easy recipe to remember.  According to the bottle, they have not included the ginger.  Tsk tsk.  I’m promised pumpkin, too.  Pumpkins have seeds, which technically makes it a fruity beer.  (True vegetables, like carrots, don’t have seeds.)  Let’s have a sip?  Don’t rush…when a beer is spiced, have a sniff first.  You can pick up hints of the cloves, which is a particularly pungent spice.  On the tongue, I’m mostly getting the cinnamon and cloves, with the allspice as an aftertaste.  It doesn’t taste much like pumpkin, mostly I’m tasting the spice.  It still tastes like a beer, though, and that’s my first concern when a beer’s been flavoured.  It’s not sweet, but I think it would still be good match with a similarly spicy dessert like pumpkin pie, or maybe French vanilla ice cream.  Another good seasonal offering from Great Lakes!

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