Marston’s Pedigree V.S.O.P. Ale

6.7% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Marston’s PLC –
Burton Upon Trent, England

DSCF0724Cognac is distilled and aged wine from France.  After cognac has aged at least four years, you can call it Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP).  Marston’s has stolen this cognac ageing mention and used it to brand a “very special old pale” beer.  Imagine a pale ale where you crank up the alcohol content.  You get a yummy beer, just like regular Pedigree, except that it’s a bit more malty, slightly oaky, and it’s got a bit of a burn as it goes down.  This is a signed and numbered limited edition bottle, so it must be good.  It is.  I popped over to their web site and read an interesting report on drinkers of premium bottled ale (PBA).  When you buy a new PBA, your first consideration is whether it’s a brand you know and trust.  Yeah, Marston’s don’t compromise!  Your second consideration is whether it’s a good price.  This ale is 66% more expensive than Pedigree…but worth a try.  It’s a collectable bottle, but I don’t have the space to collect bottles.  Besides, is a collection of empty bottles impressive or just kind of sad?

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