Simple Malt Cascade India Pale Ale

6,4% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Brasseurs illimités –
St-Eustache, Québec

DSCF0718Here we go!  Day Three of the bitter IPAs, and here’s the most bitter of them all with a whopping 66 International Bittering Units.  This one is based on Cascade hops, bred in the USA in 1972 from Fuggle hops.  Cascade hops are supposed to be good for bittering, but also produce a flowery and citrusy aroma.  To impart the bitterness, add the hops early in the boil.  The oils that impart flavour are boiled away, but the acids that impart bitterness stay behind.  At the end or after the boil, the hops are added to impart their flavouring oils.  Funny, but this doesn’t seem as bitter as yesterday.  The flavour is less complex and there’s a short finish.  I’m picking up the malt flavours, actually…and here I thought it would be super hoppy.  It’s a bit more drinkable on its own, but I’m developing a preference for beers that challenge my taste buds.  Which of the three was my favourite?  Maybe yesterday’s beer with the blended hops.  Don’t make me choose.

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