Simple Malt IPA India Pale Ale

6,4% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Brasseurs illimités –
St-Eustache, Québec

DSCF0716Day two of my limited supply from Brasseurs illimités.  Yesterday’s beer had an IBU of 42…made for little girls, I say!  Sure, this number stomps on a good Canadian pilsner with 25 IBUs, or an American light with an utterly imperceptible 10 IBUs.  Ah, but tonight’s beer trumps them all with a whopping 62 IBUs, meaning it’s got 50% more acid from the hops and 50% more international bitterness units.  It’s bitter and has the numbers to prove it!  Funny thing is that yesterday was Golding hops, while tonight is a blend of five hops.  It’s more bitter, but it doesn’t seem 50% more bitter.  The blended hops create a complexity to the flavour and give it a long finish.  As a stronger beer with a stronger flavour, it might do well with a food pairing.  Acidic drinks do well with oily foods (just like oil and vinegar in salad dressing)…old cheese works as a match, as would something like a big, juicy burger.  I’m doing just fine drinking this beer on its own, though.

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