London Ruby Ale

4% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Brasseur de Montréal –
Montréal, Québec, Canada

DSCF0672Hmm, this beer looks a bit angry, doesn’t it?  The first surprise for me was that it’s the brownest ruby I’ve ever seen.  Rubies, in case you forgot, are always red.  If it’s a ruby and it’s not red, it’s a sapphire and not a ruby at all.  Sapphires are usually blue, but can come in almost any colour except red.  If a sapphire is red, it’s a ruby.  Here’s a beer that is not red, but it’s called a ruby.  Okay, what about the “London” half of the moniker?  It’s brewed in Montréal.  The style is a pale ale based on the kind of water you’d find in the Trent River, about a 200 km drive north of London.  So it’s not London and it’s not ruby.  It’s not quite hoppy enough for me as a pale ale…I’m thinking more of a brown ale.  That big foamy head wasn’t exactly it’s best feature.  Tasty, though.  Poorly named for picky people like me.

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