Wind & Sail Dark Ale Oaked

5.5% alc./vol., 650 ml bottle
Barley Days Brewery –
Picton, Ontario, Canada

DSCF0663I’m passing through Picton.  At the brewery, the lady behind the counter tells me that should they have enough to ship to the liquor store, Ottawa is usually their priority destination.  To be able to pick up some of their limited runs, though, you have to be lucky enough to get to the Barley Days Brewery.  One interesting choice is that they offer oaked versions of each of their beers.  I’d previously had their dark ale back in May and it was pouring a bit too foamy.  The oak-aged version may have the opposite issue, in that there isn’t much head at all.  It’s not completely flat, though.  What really shines is the flavour.  This beer has spent some time sucking up some oak flavour, and that just adds a really nice undertone to the spot-on dark ale taste.  It also helps that the beer is fresh…so fresh that the nice lady had to stick a label on the bottle before she could sell it to me. 

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