Cameron’s Lager

5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Cameron’s Brewing Co. –
Oakville, Ontario

DSCF0627[1]I like the look of Cameron’s.  To set themselves apart, they sell their beers in 9, 18, and 27 bottle packs…perfect when 6 is not enough but 12 means sharing and you’re a miser.  Is that just me?  If you do like to share, though, a 12-pack gives you a lot of ways to split up a box of beers but with the fewest beers possible.  Yes, that’s why we usually get a dozen of things.  Maybe beers should be sold in 60-packs.  To compare the price, a Cameron’s costs about $6.15 per litre in a bottle, while Coors Blight costs only $5.00 per litre.  Think there’s a difference?  If you factor in the fact that there’s less alcohol in a Boors Light, the cost per alcohol is pretty much the same.  Cameron’s also has flavour, and good flavour is always worth it.  This is a classic Canadian lager, quite beer-flavoured but a bit sweet.  They have won a few awards, so give it a try.

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