La Saison Haute Ale

8.5% alc./vol., 750 ml bottle
Les Brasseurs du Temps –
Gatineau, Québec, Canada

DSCF0626[1]A “saison” is a season, and this sort of seasonal beer would have been brewed in the late summer and fall.  Beer is full of energy and vitamins, so it’s a great drink for farm workers.  The original “saison” ales would have been brewed with a bit less alcohol in the hopes that farm workers wouldn’t plow off their own foot or get amorous with the livestock.  These days, it’s a bit less of a concern and this beer is quite boozy.  Look at that great creamy head!  I’m liking this one already.  Below, the beer has a dark brownish-gold colour.  It carries a lot of flavour from the malted grain and is just a bit sweet.  I’m disagreeing with the tasting notes on the bottle…I’m getting flavours of dried fruit…golden raisins, maybe.  Typing that made me think of Moroccan food, and now I’m hungry.  Anyways, you’re welcome read the label and look for “an explosion of citrus” ou l’explosion d’agrumes si vous préférez, but I’m just not getting it in either English or French.

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