Gopher Lager

5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Big Rock Brewery –
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

DSCF0622[1]I do like Big Rock’s ales.  Too bad we don’t get the full range of varieties with extra character here in Ontario.  Had a few of them during a visit to Calgary a couple of years ago.  When you travel, drink the local beers.  Their newish lager lacks a lot of this character, but it does have a distinct flavour.  I’m getting a big hit of lemon from the hops.  I suppose this sweet but acidic character makes the beer crisp and refreshing for the typical drinker.  I’m not typical.  It would be interesting to have this next to their Grasshöpper Wheat Ale, which is similar in colour and usually served with a slice of lemon.  I’m pretty sure I’d like the Wheat Ale better.  This seems to have an odd aftertaste…thank goodness it has a short finish.  Well, good job on having beer styles for every taste!  Too bad they’re not all for my taste.

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