Muskoka Mad Tom IPA

6.4% alc./vol., 355 ml bottle
Muskoka Cottage Brewery –
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

DSCF0620[1]I was really disappointed that “The Beer Store” was out of this one.  For those who don’t know, here in the province of Ontario you can buy beer from a special beer store owned and run by three brewers:  Labatt, Molson Coors, and Sleeman.  When I was a kid, it was called “Brewers Retail”, but now it’s officially called what we always called it.  The fully-stocked liquor store is called the “LCBO”, which stands for “Liquor Control Board of Ontario” and is run by the provincial government.  Rounding things out, there are also small wine shops selling Ontario wines.  You just get used to buying from special stores, and all stores have a better selection than I’ve ever seen in jurisdictions where you can buy booze in grocery and convenience stores.  I love selection!  When across the river in Québec, I’m usually at the “SAQ” (their version of the “LCBO”) instead of at the corner store.   Anyways, the LCBO down the street had some Mad Tom on the shelf, but it was going fast.  Mad Tom is a very hoppy and somewhat bitter pale ale, and I’ve really come to appreciate that.  Based on brisk sales, it looks like quite a few of us appreciate full flavour now…maybe there’s hope for the world yet.  I needed some encouragement after seeing a guy return 10 cases of Coors Light empties to The Beer Store.

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