Woody’s Urban Pub

330 Elgin St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Time to first beer:  4:49

DSCF0618[1]You might not know it to look at it, but Woody’s has a patio out back.  Just head to the back and past the washrooms.  As you might imagine, the back patio faces an alley and is somewhat lacking in view.  Where’s the sidewalk parade of young, pretty, unattainable young women dressed for a hot summer day?  Oh well.  I guess we could have sat indoors next to the huge open windows in front, but we might as well enjoy the sun while we can.  Seems kind of empty…are people still on vacation?  As you know, I spent my vacation in pubs, so that’s no excuse.

Rolling Rock Extra Pale

DSCF0619[1]There are a few new American beers coming to Ottawa taps, and here’s another one.  This pale lager is entirely unremarkable, and I really don’t appreciate the green glass concealing the blandness.  I drank it just so I can say that I did, but never again.  For food, I had a grilled panini with ham, salami, and cheese and fries on the side.  It was a bit too squished and hard as pressed sandwiches go, but tasty.  Fries were good, and the pub had the decency to serve malt vinegar.  For my second and subsequent beers, I stayed away from Rolling Rock.

Next Week:  The Black Tomato

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