Rogue Somer Orange Honey Ale

5.2% alc./vol., 650 ml bottle
Rogue Ales –
Newport, Oregon, United States

DSCF0600I have no idea why they call it “Somer” Ale.  Is that clip-art girl on the bottle supposed to be 1990’s retro-ironic or did they hire a lazy graphic designer?  What a confusing beer.  It’s another beer full of citrus, this time orange.  I’m allergic to citrus.  Oh, I know from experience that a wedge of lime on a Mexican beer isn’t enough to worry about, but when I have a bit too much, about two glasses of orange juice, my skin dries out.  The place where you notice it most is on my neck, where my shirt collar and shaving meet, and a pretty bad razor burn breaks out.  My hands or wrists may get a rash from frequent washing, or my feet are dry and cracked if they get cold and wet in the winter snow.  It’s just too bad that lemon, lime, and orange match with beer so well.  It makes my job as the world’s beer taster quite difficult.  Besides orange, Rogue also throws in some cinnamon and coriander, but that gets no reaction from me other than to note that I like the taste of it.  It’s a very good example of an orange-flavoured wheat ale, but don’t buy me a case for Christmas.

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