Nektar Pilsner

5% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Banjalučka Pivara –
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


How can a beer be from Bosnia and Herzegovina?  It’s either from Bosnia or it’s from Herzegovina.  These are all parts of the former Yugoslavia (“southern Slavs”), that country that used to be found between Austria and Greece.  The middle of this former country was Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose capital Sarajevo gained fame for starting World War I.  In modern times, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nation unto itself, but consisting of two distinct political entities.  The north and east parts are the Republika Srpska (“Serbian Republic”).  The southwest and central parts are the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The other way to divide the country is that the region of Bosnia is the northern 80% of the entire country (both entities), while Herzegovina is the southern 20%.  Got that?  This beer comes from the Bosnian region, in part of the Republika Srpska, in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Confusing country, but a pretty good beer.  It’s a bit bitter, but in a yummy way that makes the name ironic.

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