Old Milwaukee Ice Lager

5.5% alc./vol., 473 ml can
Stroh Canada
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

DSCF0575For something with “Milwaukee” in the name, this beer has never been to Wisconsin.  It’s brewed here in Canada by Sleeman, although their name doesn’t appear on the can (a bad sign).  The Stroh brand comes from Detroit but was discontinued over ten years ago.  The can says “since 1934” but that doesn’t refer to Old Milwaukee, the “ice” version, nor its American brewers over the years:  Schlitz, Stroh, and Pabst, nor Sleeman.  Anyways, my memories of “OM” is buying it when it was the cheapest brand available and I had no money.  I’ve got money now, and this is not the cheapest brand available anymore.  There is no reason to buy this beer.  Having said that, it stands to reason that there’s no point in me telling you how bland and forgettable it is.  I drink to forget…but not to forget what I drink.

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2 Responses to Old Milwaukee Ice Lager

  1. Andy pansy says:

    I believe you are an idiot

  2. JRW says:

    I drank an Old Milwaukee, so I must be an idiot. Quod erat demonstrandum.

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