Ožujsko Lager

5% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Zagrebačka pivovara – http://www.ozujsko.com/
Zagreb, Croatia

DSCF0574In 2009, I took a Mediterranean cruise that stopped in Split, Croatia.  Under the palm trees and bright sunshine, I sat in a low chair and drank a couple of these, one light and one dark.  At the conference in Germany last month, I mentioned this to some Croatian guys who informed me that they are not particularly proud of this one (in somewhat less charitable terms than that).  Sure enough, when you are not in Europe under palm trees the beer isn’t as good.  It’s a bit too malty.  You should not be disappointed that the Croatian beer I bought is not fantastic, you should be impressed that the store where I buy beer actually has a Croatian beer available.  I have never found a Canadian beer in a foreign store, and the one time I drank a Canadian beer in a U.S. bar, it was not the same beer we drink here…it came in a green bottle.  How sad for the rest of the world!

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