Rigor Mortis Strong Brown Ale

10.5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
Dieu du Ciel Inc. – http://www.dieuduciel.com/
St-Jérôme, Québec, Canada

DSCF0571Québec brewers are not afraid to name their beers in most unusual ways.  Rigor mortis or “stiffness of death” starts about three hours after you die.  Your muscles are denied oxygen and contract.  The contraction eases over about three days as you start to decompose, so you can use it to determine time of death.  Still thirsty?  Is that a dead body behind the bugs and weeds on the label?  It’s pretty good as strong beers go, although as you can see from the photo evidence that there’s not a lot of bubbles.  Flavour is malty and sweet.  I always think that strong beers need a food match to really be appreciated, but this one was pretty good on its own.  If I wake up tomorrow, I wonder if I’m going to wake up stiff?  (No, I’m not talking about nocturnal penile tumescence.  Mind out of the gutter, please.)

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