Kasztelan Niepasteryzowany Pilsner

5.7% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Browary Kasztelan – http://www.browarkasztelan.pl/
Sierpc, Poland

DSCF0565Has your Polish improved too?  This is “Castellan”, an unpasteurized pilsner.  At the beer and liquor store, some young Polish guys heard me speaking English and decided to strike up a conversation.  I was unable to convince them that Canada is not part of the United States, which means that we Canadians all get a free pass for knowing very little about Poland.  They then tried to warn me that this is a terrible beer and I wouldn’t like it.  I made an effort to explain my mission to drink a different beer every day and that I had to drink some terrible beers too.  At this point, they started to argue over what was the best beer (a popular argument in any country) and I made a retreat.  Anyways, they were right, I don’t like this beer much.  I drank it…because that’s what I do.  I drink beer!  One more notch on my beer-drinking belt.  Tomorrow, the long trek home at last!

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