Lech Pils

5.5% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Lech Browary Wielkopolski – http://www.lech.pl/
Poznań, Poland

DSCF0492As the legend goes, there were three brothers:  Lech, Čech, and Rus.  The three brothers went hunting, and each ended up following different prey.  Lech went northwest, Čech went southwest, and Rus went east.  Čech founded the Czech and Slovak people while Rus became the Russians and Ukrainians.  Lech found himself in Poland, where he came across a white eagle, in a nest atop an oak tree, seen against the red sunset.  The white eagle on a red crest became the symbol of Poland.  The city name “Gniezno” is based on the word for nest.  This beer comes from nearby Poznań, but it’s brewed in a style made popular by Čech’s descendants in the city of Plzeň.  If you see the people and listen to the language, you can see that there’s definitely a common ancestry here.  Oh, and the beer is also very similar.

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