Krušovice Černé

3.8% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Heineken Česká republika, a.s. –
Krušovice, Czech Republic

DSCF0350My second beer in Poland is a Czech beer.  At least I’m getting closer to Poland with my drinking.  I picked up this beer in Prague airport because I had a few “korunas” left and I would rather drink them than look at them.  This beer was being sold at duty free for 40 Kč, which is about $2.25.  That sounds expensive, but I was at the airport where prices are always stupidly high.  A bottle of Coca Cola is the same price, by the way, and wouldn’t you rather have a beer?  It’s dark, but as you can see, it’s got less alcohol and a bit less foam than you might expect.  It’s got a bit of caramel flavour, but it’s not sweet.  Not a great beer if you’re super thirsty or wanting to get drunk quickly or both, but I bet it would be a good match with the roast duck that seems to be so popular in Prague.  Please go to Prague, have some duck and a Krušovice Černé, and report back.

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