Dreher Classic Pilsner

5% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. – http://www.dreherrt.hu/
Budapest, Hungary

DSCF0332No, I didn’t go to Hungary after the Czech Republic.  Budapest remains outstanding on my list of great cities of the world.  No, instead my hosts here in Poland know that I like beer from all over and saved me this classic Hungarian pilsner from a recent trip.  It’s good that they had a cold one on hand, since I need to drink a beer every day but I don’t often have time to head to the store.  Anyways, Hungarian beer in Poland…it’s a fine beer, nice foamy head that I’ve come to appreciate, and a pretty typical flavour.  The brewery’s name traces it’s origins to Vienna, where a new beer style was being developed by Anton Dreher that required storage in a warehouse (in German, a “Lager” is a storehouse).  The Vienna-based brewery expanded into Hungary, then the name died out as breweries merged.  In 1997, the Hungarian operations renamed themselves to honour the man who brewed one of the first great lager beers.

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