Hatz Weizen Dunkel at the Pagodenburg Café

Kapellenstraße 34, Rastatt, Germany

DSCF0081Rastatt is a nice old palace in the typical Baroque style, certainly not spectacular, but in it’s own way pretty special that it’s found in this small town.  Our tour guide was an older woman in period costume, just charming enough that I was able to overlook her slightly biased history lessons.  We walked from the palace in Rastatt to this nearby round café found in the base of what must have been a water tower at some point in its history, now on the edge of a park.  I had a couple of beers, but settled on this white one from nearby Karlsruhe.  The beer is a really good example of a German white, bringing very fruity flavours without necessarily needing fruit in the beer or attached to the glass.  Oops, almost forgot to eat again.

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