Hockley Stout

4.2% alc./vol., 473 ml can
Hockley Valley Brewing – http://www.hockleybeer.ca/
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

DSCF2253A pretty good stout here.  Of course, there’s only one most popular stout in the world, and this is not it.  I like variety, so I don’t mind having something that is merely good because I like switching things up.  How else could you experience all that life has to offer?  Tonight, life has offered up this beer.  It’s a bit bland, so maybe use it as a gateway stout, a good choice if you’ve never had a stout before.  Of course, I’m drinking something brewed in Canada…today is Canada Day and anything else would be unpatriotic.  I spent the day braving the crowds to take in the shows on Parliament Hill.  Everyone should spend July 1st here in Ottawa at least once.   Wear something red, hear great music with cheesy bilingual hosts in between, and have a poutine from one of the many chip trucks.  Maybe wear sunscreen too…I forgot.

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