The Aulde Dubliner and Pour House

62 William St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Time to first beer:  6:07

DSCF2189[1]Once again, Thursday night was honorary Friday since actual Friday is a holiday.  I rode my bike through a light rain to get there, hoping it would clear up for the longer and drunker bike ride home.  It was a smaller group tonight, but that’s sometimes a good thing.  The light sprinkle turned into a downpour moments after I arrived, and the bar was suddenly flooded with passers-by who wrongly assumed that a bright and sunny day couldn’t possibly result in a rainy evening.  Why some people only go into a pub in an emergency I’ll never know.

Harp Lager

DSCF2190[1]Irish pub, Irish beer.  Harp is a rather conventional beer as imports go, but you’re still paying the premium price of an import.  As a side of food, I thought chicken curry and chips had a nice pubby and alliterative ring to it.  The fries were fresh and tasty, but the chicken’s curry sauce seemed a bit oily.  I didn’t let a minor detail like that stop me from eating it all, of course.  I had my usual dessert…another beer.  Fortunately, it stopped raining and the streets quickly dried.  My ride home was quite enjoyable, a nice cool summer evening as the sun set.

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