Hockley Black & Tan

4.7% alc./vol., 473 ml can
Hockley Valley Brewing – http://www.hockleybeer.ca/
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

DSCF2186[1]Why is there a picture of a wildcat on their web site?  Oh, it’s a lynx, and you click on it to see the links page…get it?  Groan.  So here’s another black (stout) and tan (ale) that’s premixed in the can.  I like the can.  The bold vertical stripes are striking, and the motto “day follows night” gives me something to meditate on.  Do you really think that they brew two beers and mix them together?  Are small batches of beer brewed by hand a way to ensure a quality result, or would large mechanized batches be more consistent with a greater margin of error?  Hope you didn’t come here for answers, since I seem to be full of questions.  The beer is pretty good, a tiny bit red and darker than I expect and a bit too sweet considering that the components should be a thick, bitter stout and a hoppy pale ale.  Good idea of the day: someone has to start selling a black-and-tan kit consisting of two cans.

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