Stone Hammer Premium Pilsner

5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottle
F&M Brewery –
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

DSCF2171[1]Computers have changed us, that’s for sure.  My least favourite change is the death of spelling and grammar.  Remember WordPerfect?  Yes, Ctrl+F1 offered a spell checker (insert Speller diskette now), helping us spell but harming our ability to spell for ourselves.  WordPerfect for me introduced and popularized the concept of a compound word with an internal capital letter.  Notice that it’s neither “Word Perfect” nor “Wordperfect”.  But why do I mention it now?  The good folks at the F&M web site have decided to call their beer “StoneHammer” and sell through a “RetailStore”.  Their web site seems a bit “1990’s” overall in its layout, fonts, and clip art.  As beers go, with or without a space, it’s a pretty good pilsner, a mostly balanced flavour leaning slightly to the sweet side.  I would recommend it but…alas!  With hundreds of beers for me to choose from, I will have to make difficult decisions based on picayune criteria.  Yes, grammar counts when you promote your beer.

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