Stonewall Light Lager

4% alc./vol., 275 ml bottle
Cool Beer Brewing Co. –
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DSCF2153[1]Is it cool to say that you’re cool?  Is this referring to the beer temperature or to say that it’s fashionable?  I’m disappointed already since it’s in such a tiny bottle.  It doesn’t seem cool to drink from a tiny bottle, but it does make my hand look bigger.  If you like pictures of pretty girls, visit their web site and meet the “Cool Girls”.  These self-identified cool young women will visit your local establishment and smile at you and give you a T-shirt.  Offer may not be available outside of Toronto.  Since I’m not cool myself, and slightly past my “best before” date, these lovely beer reps usually spend time talking to the attractive and fit young men at the next table, rather than to someone like myself who could become their best customer.  It has a rather malty flavour for a light beer.  On the meagre plus side, the promised squeeze of lime is not overpowering.  Hmm, maybe I won’t become their best customer.  Maybe I’m not so disappointed that it’s a tiny bottle.

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