Asahi Super “Dry” Lager

5% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Asahi Breweries Limited –
Tokyo, Japan

DSCF2152[1]Any thoughts as to why “dry” is in quotes like that?  Above, the word “karakuchi” (also in quotes) means the same thing.  The idea with a dry beer is that the yeast eats as much of the sugar as it can.  It’s not very low in calories or carbohydrates, just low in sugar.  The Germans call it a “diät” beer since it’s more suitable for diabetics (good news: you don’t have to avoid alcohol just because you have diabetes).  Calling Asahi a “dry” beer was marketing gold!  It is light and refreshing, but a bit lacking in flavour and character.  The character is in the slightly awkward English translations on the can and their web site.  “Asahi Beer has excellent richness, truly refreshing drinkability, and satin smoothness.”  It’s true, but it is an awkward use of English in a way I can’t quite explain. It sounds like a translation of Japanese, doesn’t it?

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