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La Blanche Cheval Blanc White Ale

5% alc./vol., 341 ml bottleLes Brasseurs RJ –éal, Québec, Canada (Québec City)  Arrived in Québec City today just before lunch, and at the recommendation of a colleague we went to Le Cochon Dingue or “crazy pig” for lunch.  I … Continue reading

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Sinha Stout

8.8% alc./vol., 330 ml bottleLion Brewery (Ceylon) Plc –, Sri Lanka Another beer that comes with lessons in political history and language.  Ah, but I’m not in the mood today for explaining how Ceylon became Sri Lanka or that … Continue reading

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Tsingtao Lager

4.5% alc./vol., 330 ml bottleTsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. –, China When you notice that Tsingtao is from Qingdao, you realize the difficulty of spelling 青岛 in English.  It sort of sounds like “cheeng tao” to my ear.  Of course, … Continue reading

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Innis & Gunn Blonde Lightly Oaked Beer

6% alc./vol., 330 ml bottleInnis & Gunn Ltd. –, Scotland If you’re reading this and it’s more than a couple of days from now, you probably have already forgotten that some old evangelist predicted that the end of the … Continue reading

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James Street Pub

390 Bank St., Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaTime to first beer:  12:18 It has not been a consistently warm spring, and it seems like it has been raining every day.  Finally, a sunny day and a Friday and a pub with a … Continue reading

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Saigon Export Lager

4.9% alc./vol., 355 ml bottleSabeco –ồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam.  In 1976, the two Vietnams merged and the capital of North Vietnam, Hanoi, became the capital.  Saigon was renamed Hồ Chí Minh … Continue reading

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Peroni Nastro Azzurro Lager

5.1% alc./vol., 500 ml canBirra Peroni –, Italy  Here’s a “blue ribbon” beer from Italy.  The beer was named in 1963, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the blue ribbon awarded to the Italian passenger ship “Rex” setting a speed … Continue reading

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